Sunday, March 26, 2017

Petitioning Ontario Ministry of Health and 1 other Better safe guards in long term care facilities canada wide

Better safe guards in long term care facilities canada wide

My 86 yr old uncle was recently beaten in a long term care facility  After another dementia resident went  into his private room at 2 am while two psws witnessed the other resident enter my uncles room and leave. But did not go check on my uncle .they only found him because he  was in the hallway covered in blood seeking help.after he was beaten. bed alarms in this facility.  To alert a high functioning behavioral patient has left their bed at night. Other measures in place , like monitoring cctvs. More guard staff  . Lock down areas specific to the patients issues  . Primary safe care that we as a family are entrusting in others. Better elder care period. To prevent more injury or deaths. This happened at 2 am ..where is the staff? Nurses?  We need immediate change.  The more we fight ..we will seek change across Canada. 
This petition will be delivered to:
  • Ontario Ministry of Health
  • Long Term. Care

Julie Ali
Just now

The abysmal oversight by provincial governments in Canada is shocking. Government fails to protect the most vulnerable citizens in care. We have health ministers in Alberta preaching to us that abuse will not be tolerated when it is accepted and hidden. Why else do we not have the Alberta Health Quality Audits made public? Why aren't the AHS Quality Audits public? Why do we have to FOIP to get the CCHSS audits? The GOA needs to provide this information to the public rather than hiding in in the interests of third party businesses who poor audits would impact. Who does government serve? Not the citizens.

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