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#justiceforserenity---I had someone from the government promise me changes in the policies, shortly afterwards, he was released from his position. I wonder why?

Julie Ali March 23 at 8:17pm  ·  # justiceforserenity --Was it only a few brief years ago that we h...

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#justiceforserenity--Was it only a few brief years ago that we had the NDP folks badgering the PCs about the failures in the child welfare system and asking for action?
Now they are in the government we have the PC folks badgering the NDP folks for action.
It's getting ridiculous.
What do the people of Alberta have to do to get action?
I would suggest that we change political parties yet again.
Instead of waiting for these lacklustre hires to do nothing and issue the same pointless words that mean nothing, lets get new folks in and ask for deliverables.
Why are we paying these MLAs and Ministers big bucks if all they do is stand around talking?

As a mother I am appalled, simply appalled by the failures of the GOA with reference to vulnerable children.
Take the Serenity case for example.
Why is the grandmother yapping that there was going to be change but instead the person who told her this is now unemployed?
It's very strange.
Could it be that the NDP folks are worse than the PC folks in terms of secrecy and indifference?

When I write to government about these issues I expect government to do its job and solve these problems that have been ongoing since before the PC error.
How much longer will families have to wait for solutions?
I thought it was the Tories who could not get their act together but it appears to me that all political parties are indifferent to the most vulnerable citizens but certainly can do their jobs with reference to the powerful --as in the case of Ms. Notley handing over the $30 million from the Trudeau folks to the orphan well program of the oil and gas lobby group.

Its very difficult for me to understand why government doesn't get it.  We are the people of Alberta. We want action on the Serenity file. This was a helpless baby. What about other Serenity cases? Who is helping these kids? No one as far as I can see.

This means that only the people of Alberta can solve these problems. We need to yap day and night to the GOA to get this problem in child welfare solved. It's not that hard to do. Maybe government could talk to the families and find out what they think needs to be done. Maybe government should stop protecting itself and its workers from liability issues raised by incompetence and failures to do the work----and simply tell us what went on in these cases. Maybe government should read our mail.
Please sign the petition folks.

Justice For Serenity - The Voices of Change

As you all know, my granddaughter, Serenity, is the face of a 4 year old who suffered the utmost unimaginable experience of life.  Fighting for her safety and requests made to child and family services were ignored leading up to her final destination.  These images you see plastered in the media were taken 4 days before her last breath was taken.
The people responsible for the death of Serenity still has not been put to justice because of the current laws in the government has in place that people who are in kinship are not being held responsible for the death of Serenity. 
I had someone from the government promise me changes in the policies, shortly afterwards, he was released from his position. I wonder why? What if this happened to one of their own family member, guaranteed, they would be working hard to ensure answers. Nobody is doing anything. Calgary homicide investigations are putting this down as a cold case until solid information comes forth.  As far as I am concerned, all individuals who lived in that house should be held responsible for the results of this beautiful angel who is now in heaven.
Because this is such a sensitive case, we are not posting the links of her on here as it is a trigger for those who had to see her this way.  4 days, a grandmother who tried to help her grand baby, was shunned and was never allowed to see Serenity due to inner family fighting. Family of Serenity had fought and tried to get her help, but was told Serenity was fine.  Shortly after, Family was called to the hospital.
Wanting to be the voice for children in care and Serenity, it is a mission I decided to take on and to ensure her face and name will never be forgotten. My Grand daughter Serenity Deserves Justice - Please help me get this message to the people and sign this petition that the people who kept her are help responsible for her death. #justiceforserenity
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