Saturday, March 4, 2017

paper everywhere

Julie Ali
 feeling sleepy.
Just now
I made a big bowl of Red River cereal with condensed milk as I was tired of medical file skimming. I am beginning to feel like a Geiger counter searching for radioactive facts. My head hurts but at least my tummy is full of cereal.
Tomorrow it is shovel day. I get to do the sidewalks of family members. If I make it through without toppling over I will pick up Rebecca. It is not very nice out so hopefully she is over her cold.
 Paper is all over the floor and the geraniums are losing their petals. It may be they need more watering. The African violets have been crisped by last week's golden days and are only now recovering their original green status. My amaryllis is no longer blooming. I don't know why. It may be that I should feed her but I barely remember to water.
The Canada Day geranium put out a few blooms and quit.
Paper everywhere. I am now attractive to paper only.
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