Saturday, March 25, 2017


and when you think
it's game over
you simply forget that possibility
and keep on trucking
to the next bus stop

and you don't wish for diamonds
and pearls
instead you seek love in every place
I don't know about you
but when I wish for new     I go to the gap

through which I fall
right now the sun is shining
and the sky is blue like a lake
the buds are blurting out secrets
and the geese carry to the marsh

their future dreams
of ducklings
the polish of the snow
on the boots of the cattails
is wearing down to the new beginnings

I think and I work hard
so that I can find the way out of the past
I wished for growth
and I got these projects
these are secrets I am telling you

so that you can find your own road
and so that when you are here
in the gap space 
you won't hesitate
you'll leap through the clouds 

don't seek what you don't need
instead see the hole in the ground
where we end up
and understand its all about now
the surface       isn't what I am seeking

its the soul
in its dreamy gap space
don't wish for silence that stings you
instead sing with thankfulness
the now is here for you    and all about you is love
Rodney Crowell - "It Ain't Over Yet (feat. Rosanne Cash & John Paul White)" [Official Video

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