Thursday, March 9, 2017

now multiply me

and start every day
without misgiving

every act has results
even if you can't see them

do not be dismayed
the world turns on the works

of ordinary individuals
believing in themselves

I take my words and I shape reality
I tell the government of Alberta

that ordinary citizens like me
and Ruth Adria

are turning the world from disbelief
into proof

I say the words of every citizen
faced with inaction of the public bodies

we won't need the government of Alberta
when we work together

to alter the world
we take our small acts

and join together
to set the people free

we see the future coming to Alberta
and it ain't NDP     one day the political party won't be owned

by corporations
but will really speak for the people 

I take my words and I act
I am a human rights defender

I don't wait for anybody
I have my template in Ruth Adria    I have been set free

now multiply me
and you will see change happen

ordinary citizens unite to set their families on a new path
of democracy  and activism

we don't wait for government
we act together to alter the powerlessness of ordinary citizens

we write the stories of harm abuse and death
so that other families will join the movement

we are holding the government of Alberta accountable

ZAZ - "Si jamais j'oublie" [Official Video]

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