Monday, March 6, 2017

just watch us / we're become clearer

just watch us 
we're become clearer

we're saying
what happened to our families

how they were treated to near death experiences 
we are speaking in calm voices

we're telling the stories
of harm and death

just because they are disabled
doesn't mean that they are throwaway citizens

we speak about their near deaths
and how the doctors decided on their termination

without any sort of disruption
it's as if there is a bubble between the doctors and families 

we are speaking about the do not resuscitate order
and the lack of respect for the disabled citizen

and the powerlessness of families
when these orders are placed on medical records

we're speaking about these failures
and we're not waiting for the government to act

we're mobilising families
of handicapped citizens because

they're not dead yet
and they deserve to live

 just watch us 
we're become clearer

The Disability Community Responds to Me Before You movie

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