Monday, March 13, 2017

I put my boats on the water

I put my boats on the water
and I sent them on their way
I told them to go to war
and help those who needed them

I put the soldiers of words on the fields of difficulty
and told them to win
    and when they lost battle after battle
I did not give up or give in

I put the birds of my lines    into flight
over the dying soldiers of my words
and I exhorted them     to see what they could see
of the future that is coming

I gave myself every chance to feel
and believe      I told myself that even if I never succeed
I have attempted grief and good  every day
and surely one day the poems will yield victory?

I have done what I could 
and when disasters repeat as they so often do
surely I would be ready again
to face these problems?

I put my heart and soul
into the small matters of poetry
and I sang my way to the end of singing
the soldiers fail and yet I do not give in

I raise another battalion of poems
I send the boats of my songs out to you
so that you too will become a warrior
so that you will attempt continually

and when you fail as we must in the process
do not give up or give in
but keep going     for these are the ways
to victory
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ZAZ - "Si jamais j'oublie" [Official Video

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