Saturday, March 25, 2017

Home visit --Saturday March 25, 2017

Julie Ali feeling happy.
Just now
Rebecca is home now. She will paint in the sunny living room and watch movies while I do my review for the lawsuit.
Its very pretty out. The snow is fast disappearing.
Inside the writing room the geraniums are very expressive.
Even the African violets are plastered with blooms.
The cup of coffee with honey is delicious. The world is budding and the geese are back. All the pretty events of spring will be here soon with the blue of the sky copied in the ground by the blue of the scilla bulbs rushing waves of blue all over the dry husks of dirt.
The garden is clots of dirt and snow right now but soon the lawsuit will be over with and I will be digging up the garden to remake it into a Victory garden.
Here is another picture of Ruth Adria at the legislature where we met with Ms. Ganley and her two staff members (but not the deputy Justice Minister)

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