Saturday, March 25, 2017

Home Visit--Saturday March 25, 2017 cut short

Julie Ali
 feeling sad.
1 min
Rebecca was painting a beautiful blue painting when she started to slip in her chair. I tried to rouse her but she was not getting up. She also peed in her pants which means that there is a problem.
Somehow I got her to the Helva and took her back to the Villa Marguerite.
When we got there the LPN took her oxygen sat which he said was low. I told him I had found her this morning with the POC off (Portable Oxygen Concentrator). The rate was still at 1. He adjusted it to 2 which is her normal rate. In any case,she was not moving and I could not move her from her chair in the front lobby.
They are going to put her in a wheelchair and move the to her room and put her on the BIPAP. I will phone later to see how she is doing. If I need to I will go back and check on her. The LPN will ensure she gets out of her wet clothes as well so she isn't sitting in peed on clothes.
Sometimes it is hard to tell what the heck is going on. It may be she has a build up of CO2 but when this happens they put her on the BIPAP. If she is not rousable after the BIPAP they take her to emergency. I will let the nurse decide what to do next.
It is best when there are medical problems to let the medical folks do their work.

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