Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Home Visit Rebecca--- Tuesday March 7, 2017

Rebecca is home. I have given her honey, oregano oil drops in her tea. Now she is painting. She is in the green phase now.
The writing room is filled with a buxom light form that has pushed all the geraniums to excess. I have too many of them and they are all pimping flowers.
In the front lobby there are some flowers that got rescued from No Frills. I think they are going to die but I felt sorry for them and so they are in the front trying to live. If they live they will go in the front beds. If they die, well at least they had a few days in a nice home.
I have no snow to clean. It is a miracle.
I will go back to the lawsuit. I only have a bit of time between giving Rebecca oranges over and over for her cold. And then the trip back to the Villa Marguerite. So I gotta go. Gotta keep my mind and spirit on Ruth Adria so that I can become her.

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