Monday, March 6, 2017

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Julie Ali feeling sleepy.
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I shovelled and I shovelled and now I feel like Playdoh. I have to say that it is no fun being the snow shovel person for extended family. My parents have miles of pavement to shovel and so do other family members that I clean. Maybe I can just retire from this job?
But enough whining. I got through yet more of the medical file and I had to ask myself what the heck is wrong with the world. Why for example do we have stupid politicians who say dumb things because their brains are full of poor wiring? Why do we have Mr. Trump doing junk for no darn reason I can determine? Why do we have the NDP doing nothing for seniors, the handicapped and really the poor folks who are dying in the current opioid crisis but there is a ton of cash for the baloney climate change leadership plan that is all about greenwashing the industry to make it more palatable for the world rather than meaningful change? Why do we have people we trust turn out to be lame choices?
Shovelling snow day and night and then going through medical papers in between I realise that there are a whole pile of folks who are lost to the realities of ordinary citizens. We have ordinary citizens (US) and we have the elite in our society who ordinary citizens are paying for and who do not provide us with returns for our tax dollars. The lack of deliverables is why folks are annoyed in the USA and why they went Trump. It will be the reason why Albertans go Wildrose in the next election. We're not going to put up with junk any longer. We're going to yap. We' re going to activate ourselves. We're going to shovel out the barn yard of the manure just like we're currently shovelling out snow from our driveways. Mind you I don't know if the new folks we hire will be any better than the ones we have but golly gee it will be good to have a clean barnyard.


  1. Racist [noun]: someone winning an argument with a liberal or socialist.

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    This is one of the dumbest things you have said so far and you have said some really dumb things.

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