Thursday, March 2, 2017

but perhaps

and when you arrive
at the empty place
where the words stop
take a moment and rest

these are the days of disillusionment
but of course
if you are a poet
you are familiar with masks and lies

these are all illusions
the mountains begin to crumble
and dust rises up cities
what is constant is erased

and nothing endures
one day the past itself will be reinvented
I make a story that I turn inside out
to put on this stage

this dreaming is true
I walked in small steps to the gap
and I decided for myself
these are the ways of freedom

which are to be willing
and kind    you simply tell yourself
you will do your best
and you keep going

courage is  a matter
of deciding
I tell you 
that not one thing will last

but perhaps
the temporary song
will make a small impression
before fleeing into the great mystery of death

I wish I had something for you
for you have travelled far without any rest 
but perhaps you too understand
that we are simply walking together

to the place of greater understanding
and when you arrive
at the empty place
where the words stop     take a moment and rest

these are all dreams
when we are finished
comes the great silence
and the wonder of the darkness
Amelia Curran - In A Town

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