Sunday, March 5, 2017

Back to the Villa Marguerite

Julie Ali feeling thankful.
3 mins
Took Rebecca back to the Villa. I will see her on Tuesday for more Art Therapy and film. If you need brain stimulation I believe art of any sort will be good for you. I liked the series she is embarking on which seem very Monet and yet abstract.
Outside the roads were sliding and I had to be slow. Then for supper we had this horrible pasta thing from a package that I ate quickly to get it down. We don't have good meals at home.
Finally back to the lawsuit. I feel like having a nap but I can't as I have already had one nap. I keep myself going right now with the thought of a reward of a piece of pecan pie.
I will put one of Velvet's pictures here as I still don't know how to upload my own.
Thanks Velvet.

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