Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Tuesday February 28, 2017 -Home Visit for Rebecca

Julie Ali
 feeling happy.
Just now
Early morning. There is an apricot stain in the blue of sky. Younger boy has gone off to NAIT. All the early morning travellers like small ghosts travel the road to nowhere to arrive at pinpoints of destinations.
I am going to start off right away in the lawsuit document review. I am now in 2014. Looking back on the past you can see the facts laid out in documents that indicate what happened, what really happened.
Inside the house there is a red geranium preening and licking her red lips. Hissing sounds come from the African violets as they bluster purple. It's pretty amazing the world. Especially the world of budding, blooming and bursting into flames.
I will have to cook today. Yesterday I got younger boy a fast food burger but I can't do this today. I have two chicken breasts defrosting like two hands on the counter top. I will make Uncle Ben's rice in the cooker. Then either the green beans frozen in the freezer or something else vegetable like.
My meals are very dull. I will pick up Rebecca after her lunch since this will be the only decent food she will get; then I will drop her off before supper which will be better than my rubber chicken.
But for now -off to navigate the realm of medical data and magic.
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