Thursday, February 9, 2017

This and That-- Thursday February 9, 2017

Julie Ali is feeling happy.
Just now
Younger boy has gone to NAIT. I have given him a peanut butter sandwich and a banana with ominous spots on it for his lunch.
He is not a big eater.
I will have to think about supper.
I got up to write a poem which wasn't lively and then I am here to surf until my brain begins to function.
It is hard waiting for the ground to crack and crocuses to come out blooming. But at least it is snowing even in Vancouver where I wonder what all the plants are doing with their unaccustomed burdens of snow?
When the scilla pop out like small fists from the ground then I know we are out of the dark zone of winter. The scilla have been the only bulbs to survive the squirrels and other rodents like the voles that have persistently hunted my poor plants.
At least inside my writing room the doubtful geraniums have begun to believe that I am not going to kill them and fingerlings of flowers have come out. The amaryllis is still puffy with dead blooms and has made no more attempt at being showy so maybe the second set of flowering is all I can expect.
The African violets are simply making muscular leaves and since I haven't repotted them I guess this is all I can expect.
I forgot to put out the garbage and recyclables this Wednesday so the garage is full of garbage.
As you can see from this post my head is like a jumble sale at a church and so far I haven't found anything to write about other than the lousy poem that I put up on the blog before the lights went out in my brain.
Maybe I will just look at stuff on FB for a bit and then go back to the lawsuit. It is amazing how much paper you can generate when you are in the care of the GOA. Really for a paperless society it appears we simply have more paper.
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