Sunday, February 12, 2017

This and That --Sunday February 12, 2017

Julie Ali
 feeling happy.
Just now
Very sleepy. I have spent all day looking at words. It's pretty neat.
But now it is time for bed. I wish I could do some more work but my brain is fried.
Tomorrow is another day of reading and reviewing medical data.
It's amazing just how much data one human being can generate and we have boxes of the stuff.
Not all of the information is here of course. We have to request the information from the Good Samaritan Society.
What is missing are things like the Alberta Health Quality Audit, the Good Samaritan Society independent consultant respiratory review, the AHS respiratory audit report--things that we have so far been unsuccessful in obtaining for ages.
It's pretty interesting how we only get some information as we go deeper into the lawsuit.
I wonder if we will ever get all of the information we need. But at least we are making good progress.
But for now it is time for bed.
The brain is only capable of reading so many pages of data.
Here is another of Velvet Martin's photographs of when she got the JHC award.


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