Saturday, February 11, 2017

This and That--Saturday February 11, 2017

Julie Ali
 feeling fabulous.
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We are designing younger boy's workspace. We went to the IKEA site to see the options.
Since younger boy is fixed in the corner of the bonus room with his computer stuff for the Digital Media program I anticipate that there will be two desks. It seems that they just do computer stuff in this program.
I am very sleepy.
I made a stew for lunch since this is all I could think of. There were two very old potatoes that were thinking of breaking out in sprouts so I ended that ambition by using one of them for the stew. The other one is in the fridge. I used two carrots and one stalk of celery. Quarter of an onion. I was able to eat it. I mean it is not my mother's exquisite cooking but it will have to do. I left younger boy staring into the depths of a bowl of stew with an icky look on his face. I will let him spend the next hour fishing out pieces of stew for editing.
Right now I will drink my coffee and try to revive in the paralysing heat and light of the writing room. Lawsuit to work on and I am getting used to being a stay at home mummy legal beagle.
Since I am running out of photos I will recycle Velvet's ones. Here is Ruth yapping at the awards telling us she is a nice woman but they still give her banning tickets and handcuff her like a hazard.

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