Friday, February 10, 2017

This and That--Friday February 10, 2017

Julie Ali feeling happy.
2 mins
I went to the Italian Bakery today. I like to get their Xmas cake. But unfortunately I found out that there was none to be had. What could I do?
I looked around and bought one of their pecan pies. I love pecan pies.
This one was stuffed to the brim with pecans. Since I had some time I decided to sit and drink a cup of coffee there. I had a sausage roll with the coffee. It was very normal. It felt like the pre-lawsuit time. I have now divided time up into pre-lawsuit and present lawsuit. Since the time off this morning was so pre-lawsuit, I enjoyed it a great deal.
The present-lawsuit is interesting. Everything teaches you stuff. I am learning how to defend myself in future lawsuits (if they happen).
I mean I don't go looking for lawsuits.
My poor handicapped sister was abused and I was nice about it and did not sue anyone. I just wanted the problem fixed. I told the AHS mentoring staff this one night when I got to the facility and found my sister with the mask on the floor.
But there you go.
I got sued.
So what am I doing now? I am getting the stuff ready for Mr. Garber. I am sure Mr. Garber will handle the case. My case is small potatoes. He does class action lawsuits so my case is really not something he does usually because I am just a mum and he is a major lawyer.
In any case, this is all very educational. I will keep writing about it so you all learn about the legal system.
I had no idea that telling the truth in public would end up in a lawsuit but this seems to be the case.
I will find out if the judge feels I have been bad soon enough.
 I don't think I have been bad. I think I have been very brave.
Soon the pecan pie will be all gone.
I love pecan pie.
I will think about the lawsuit work tomorrow as I want to do other stuff.
Here is a picture of Ruth Adria with the other winners. I just love Ruth. She is so brave.


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