Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Still trucking through data

Julie Ali
 feeling blessed.
Just now
I am in 2011 in the lawsuit. My head is full of data.
Inside the house younger boy is stuck on the computer. He is supposed to be doing his portfolio for job applications.
The red geranium is bleeding out. The pink geranium is seed head.
The cyclamen is blooming happily. I got to the watering business as they were all ready to dry out. The writing room is still stuffed with paper but I am getting more used to the amount of data that a lawsuit requires. It is alot like growing a garden except in a garden things are prettier.
When I can't take in another morsel of information I go read the news which seems to be full of odd matters. Really after reading a piece or two in the news I am ready to go back to the lawsuit. I just have to keep Ruth Adria's example of courage before me to keep going.

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