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-A search of Alberta Health’s website shows that the facility has been found non-compliant in the last seven government inspections dating back to November 3rd.-----------“The health and safety of our residents is the foremost priority of Points West Living. An internal investigation has been launched by our management team to review the time the resident spent at Points West Living Cold Lake.


Alberta Health Services has opened a file on Points West Living Cold Lake and the facility has launched an internal investigation of their own after a former resident died in hospital shortly after being removed from the facility.
The family of Olga Penner – who was 85 and suffering from Alzheimer’s – say that while they were initially satisfied with the level of care she received, they feel it dropped significantly after replacement workers were brought in to replace locked out workers in a labour dispute that has been ongoing since December 16th. Penner had been at Points West since November and was pulled out of the facility shortly before she passed away.
“Olga is deeply missed by the workers who used to care for her, and we have extended our condolences to the Penner family,” says AUPE vice-president Mike Dempsey. “The concerns they are raising are similar to what we are hearing from other family members about the quality of care provided by replacement workers at PWL. We don’t want to hear about any more deaths that might have been prevented. We want these concerns addressed and dealt with accordingly by the province.”
Dempsy claims families of paitients have reported to picketing staff cases of diapers not being changed in a timely fashion, not turning over immobile paitients in their beds and replacement staff not interacting with seniors in a socialble manner. “I can’t speak one on one for the folks they’ve hired, but we believe it is not a standard of care our members would provide.”
A search of Alberta Health’s website shows that the facility has been found non-compliant in the last seven government inspections dating back to November 3rd.
Points West Living has released a statement of their own. “As reported in media, a patient at the Cold Lake Healthcare Centre who was briefly a member of our facility has passed away.
“We wish to express our sincere condolences to the family on their loss.
“To protect the privacy of the individual, the details of the short time they spent at Points West Living Cold Lake cannot be disclosed.
“The health and safety of our residents is the foremost priority of Points West Living. An internal investigation has been launched by our management team to review the time the resident spent at Points West Living Cold Lake.
“Points West Living has also welcomed an external investigation by Alberta Health Services (AHS.) We will cooperate fully with AHS.
“To ensure the integrity of these investigations, we are unable to provide further comment at this time.”

Julie Ali · 
The lack of compliance is concerning. Why haven't the outstanding issues been dealt with? Why is the facility non-compliant and why has the government tolerated this situation?
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Bonnie Gostola
Is this the same management team that allowed this client to die under extremely mysterious circumstances in the first place. Or the ones who condone second class care in the facility, not sure I would have much faith in the conclusions they reach!
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E. Anne Koehler · 
Perhaps we should wait to hear the facts before blame is laid. What kind of demands were AUPE / the employer making to lead to breakdown in negotiations and workers being locked out. Sad to think both sides using residents to get what they want.
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Cheryl Lenhart Blumhagen · 
Points west living should be ashamed.
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Accommodation Type:Supportive Living Accommodation - Assisted Living Accommodation
Government Funding:Health

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Address:512 25 StreetCOLD LAKE, AlbertaT9M 1G6
Phone:(780) 639-1260 
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Last Visit Date:February 15, 2017
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Original Issue Date:January 25, 2013
Licence Issue Date:August 1, 2015
Licence Expiry Date:July 31, 2017
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Visit Date: 2017/02/15
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Visit Results: Non-Compliant
Current Status: Non-Compliant

StandardOriginal Issued DateAction RequiredAction Required ByCurrent Status
15.2 - Regularly scheduled cleaning of all areas
non-compliance issued at a previous visit
Cleaning Requirements - Please provide evidence that the accommodation is cleaned on a regularly scheduled basis and that the level of cleanliness is consistently maintained. Please submit evidence that resident rooms are cleaned thoroughly and consistently.2017/03/31Outstanding
21.4 - Therapeutic tub temperature checks
non-compliance issued at a previous visit
Water Temperature - Please provide evidence of the testing of the temperature of the hottest flowing water from each therapeutic tub prior to the first bath of the day. Please submit 1-month of tub temperature records. Please also provide evidence of training for all staff on how to perform this check. 2017/03/31Outstanding
2.1 - Accommodation in safe condition2017/02/15Safety Requirements - Please provide evidence that the accommodation and grounds are safe and free of hazards.  Please provide submit a photo of signage around fire exits (2 near kitchen) that items are not to be stored there.

Please include signage near storage room (near kitchen) indicating that chemicals are not to be stored in an unsecured area.
32.1 - Protection of information and privacy2017/02/15Privacy and Personal Information - Please provide evidence that residents' personal information is protected.  Please provide this education in a team meeting and have staff sign off that they are aware of this requirement. 2017/03/31Outstanding


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