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There are better ways to get folks to take care of their homes than force an 86 year old man to paint his house himself and then get hurt in the process. Why didn't the Village of Ryley seek volunteers in the community to help out? Why didn't they ask the GOA for senior's assistance help? Why did they go the route of forcing him to sell his house to pay for their $4,000 paint job and then a bill for mowing his lawn?

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A Ryley resident’s cause has been taken up by the Elder Advocates of Alberta Society (1992) after he was forced to sell his house to pay a $4,000 bill from the village for painting his house.
Bill Yarmovich will have to move out of his house in Ryley within two weeks. The closing date for the sale is Feb. 21. He said this was done to pay the Village of Ryley’s bill, which could not be paid any other way.
Yarmovich had been ordered by the bylaw officer to paint his house. Yarmovich started to paint it but at 86 years of age found it difficult. He got a third of the painting completed after falling and breaking a couple of ribs.
He asked to have more time to complete the job, but the village got the house painted and charged him $4,000, including interest. He was also charged $180 for cutting grass.
Yarmovich was directed to appear at Ryley Village Council Feb. 7.
The Elder Advocates of Alberta Society contacted the Village of Ryley to inform… for more see the Feb. 14/17 Mercury

Rhonda L. McKinnon Thats diyscusting the town of RYLEY should be ASHAMED of themselves.
Cyndee Herbison Quattrin That's disgusting! Shame on you Village of Ryley! 😡
Lyndie Knockleby Nickel What the hell Council?
Barb Lambert If the village was so desperate for money instantly couldn't they put a lein on the property or something rather than now leaving a man homeless???
Shane Hnybida Wow! Just wow!
Deb Gagne Without hearing the whole story this is pretty disheartening on its face
Natalie Nelson This is brutal. They should be so ashamed.
Velaine Short It's appalling. Not knowing the whole story, but knowing a fair number of the people on council, I would guess they used the unsightly premises act to enforce the painting. Pretty sure they didn't force the man to sell his home though, he likely did that out of sheer desperation. The less said about my opinion of the current village council the better.
Linda Lesyk Bloody disgusting!!! Talk about elder abuse...they got that right!!
Cassandra Freeman You should get both sides of the story before judging. Just like in every other situation there is always two sides.
Linda Lesyk $180.00 to mow the lawn, that takes some explaining
Dan Olson Shame Shame Shame on them! TERRIBLE!
John J Rokos Terrible, shame for councils reaction😡
Jenny Schultz So sad , if we would have heard about this earlier we could have done a fundraiser to save this seniors home 😓. So heart broken for this old guy, seriously he broke ribs trying to comply with the order to paint his home...where did all the good helpful neighbors go? We used to live next to a senior in our last town we did it all for her, mowed, shovelled . Just so sad for this man no matter what the other side of the story is obviously he needed help.
Krista LaRue Yah pretty ridiculous. If we would have known we totally would have gone and painted his house. This is crazy if this story is actually true.
Mo Molyneux If this is true ! It is appalling !
Meghan Schiewe My heart aches for this man...I know we don't know the whole story, but I feel that more empathy was needed here.
Brent Christensen I'm a subscriber to the paper and usually don't look at online stories because I like to see the whole story and all the facts . You have released 1/2 a contentious story here and without all the facts people are forming opinions and making comments . Now until people receive their paper copies , they don't have the whole story . Think you owe the people of Ryley an apology for a poor decision to put this online in its current form .
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Tofield Mercury Please feel free to explain how this post misrepresented the facts. There's more information but there's nothing to apologize for.
Brent Christensen Didn't misrepresent necessarily but also didn't provide all the information either .
Leah Ferguson Brent Christensen ,just knowing how this poor man is being royally screwed , that pretty much sums it up !!!
Josh Paterson I've heard a lot of talk about this bylaw officer which, for me, gives credence to this story as is.
James D Boutilier They all should be ashamed of themselves
Jade Lee Ferguson This is absolutely horrible. I know many people who would have volunteered there time to help. Is there any chance of him not having to sell his home if we can fundraise the money? This breaks my heart that the town handled this the way they did that he felt like he had no other option then to sell his home.
Sherry-Anne Sutton I would love to hear the whole story. It is really too bad the paper didn't get ahold of the story earlier. Lots of people, me included, would have painted his house for him. I am really surprised the village isn't being more lenient, given his age. However, what's done is done. I would like to know what is happening to him now. Where does he plan to live? Has anyone helped to find him a subsidized senior's residence? FCSS used to help seniors and I'm sure they still do. Does he drive? Maybe he needs a ride to secure a new home. Does he need help moving? 

I do not live in the area anymore, but will watch this site/page for ongoing information. More than happy to come with my truck and help him move.
Valerie Bogen What a horror story! There must be more to it, I can't imagine the village of Ryley going that far. Is there time for a lawyer to step up and volunteer to look into the sale and see if it can be stopped so the man does not loose his house? So many ways to help him if we had only known: fundraising, help to paint, grass cutting in the summer. I no longer live in Alberta but could certainly help financially. It is heartbreaking that he must lose his home.
Tofield Mercury The Village has its lawyer looking into this case and refused comment until, so its side has not been heard officially and the story notes such in its entirety in the Feb 14/17 Mercury.
Julie Ali This is an 86 year old man. Wow. And they push him to paint his house. He hurts himself and can't do the job. Then they get someone else to do his painting and charge him major bucks. Who has $4,000 hanging around? This is not fair. I think the village needs to help seniors. I think the government of Alberta needs to provide help to seniors who are in such difficulties. This poor man. I can't imagine how the village would be so indifferent to his plight. It's shameful. Just shameful.
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