Sunday, February 26, 2017

Rebecca Home Visit Sunday February 26, 2017

Julie Ali feeling blessed.
Just now
After the snow was shovelled at my parents' house and others we got home with Rebecca.
I have set her up with a funny movie, art work and her treats. I usually give her the crackers and coffee she likes.
While she paints and watches the show her brain will expand.
All the fuzzy areas will clean up as she focuses on the art.
At least this is what I believe.
I told the nurse at the Villa she will be away from 1-5 at home.
 It is boiling in the writing room. I am still at the Royal Alexandra Hospital ICU where Rebecca is. It's odd to go back into the past and see the sequence of events.
Younger boy is sleeping. The boy seems to spend a lot of time in bed.
Tomorrow the reading week is over and he is back to early hours so I will let him sleep in.
I like this picture that I got from Velvet Martin. Heck most of my pictures are from Velvet since I don't know still how to upload stuff other than copy what Velvet has got. Thanks Velvet.
Well I'd better go back to 2013. Royal Alexandra Hospitals. ICU. Rebecca very sick.
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