Saturday, February 11, 2017


Julie Ali feeling relaxed.
Just now
I am pretty rested up now. I had a nap and then read poetry. When I read a poem I like to eat each word. It's a very sensual business.
Words for poets are little tonguing things. You have to sit in the caress.
After reading my fill of poems I came back to the lawsuit. It's pretty boring but it has to be done so I am working like a small ant moving a major mountain of sand from outside my brain to inside my brain.
The day was just gorgeous and when I did the snow at the parents' place the sun was spanking everything about me; it felt like a shine storm.
Helva -my Ford Edge is very dirty now. I have not been able to keep her clean. So she is all grubby car.
My project #2 for the Elder Advocates Working Group also has to be started soon. We have our next meeting at the end of February and I am sluggish about the work. It takes a ton of work to even get a public meeting up and going and we will be sooooo busy.
My pink cyclamen looks like this photograph except less robust. She came back from the dead and has been flowering as if to show her relief that she is not dead.
This is not my photograph. I had to go to the net and copy it.…

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