Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Making Art

Julie Ali
 feeling thankful.
Just now
I have just dropped Rebecca off at the Villa Marguerite.
I got her to use the crayons today to do her art. I am encouraging her to make pieces that I can put on a blog for her. I tell her we will make millions off her works.
After dropping her off I came across a bowl of light on the way home to Riverbend. I was stuck in traffic. It is amazing how the traffic slows down at Riverbend after coming off the Whitemud Freeway.
Right now I am in 2014 in the lawsuit documents. I am trying to organise events. It's interesting how life happens and I am learning a lot. Really it is all you can hope for in life --this business of life is so tricky that if you get an ongoing education out of the drama it's all good.
I ate a horrible potato chop I made but I had no choice, I had to use up the left over mashed potato. I mixed it with Uncle Ben's rice and salad. It was filling at least. Rebecca gets better food than this at the Villa place which is why she never stays for my suppers.
I could do with a nap. Right now the day is limping to the dark. There is a tree stuck like a fan on one side that is frozen palm on the window.
Younger boy has not applied for another summer job. It may be that we will have to encourage him to be an independent media artist or something.
He hasn't begin to swot for the learner's license yet either. Why would he? He has a mother driver.
I feel like napping. Reading medical papers is like doing math. You have to figure out connections. But you can only figure out connections if your brain has enough connectivity and is awake. Maybe I should go nap.
Here is a picture of Ruth to remind me that I am working on the rights of our most defenceless citizens.

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