Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Home Visit for Rebecca Wednesday February 22, 2017

Julie Ali is feeling happy.
Just now
I took Rebecca to the No Frills place to buy her bananas and the honey crisp apples everyone in our family is addicted to. I had more groceries to buy including hotdogs for supper and so we were there for a bit.
Then after, I brought her home to watch a movie. She is watching it right now.
I will go back to work on the lawsuit for a bit before I take her back to the Villa place.
I didn't get her 5:00 pm meds as I was told they could give to her at the supper time so its faster to get out. I checked her out for 1:30 pm to 5:00 pm which is enough time for an outing, part of a movie, coffee and fruit/snacks then back to the Villa Marguerite.
Right now my red geranium has gone pretty wild with flowers. It may be the water that I gave her yesterday. The lawsuit has been good for the flowers as I only water them when they are about to croak. The cyclamen is still pink and rosy like a new born baby's butt. I will have to stop rattling on like this as I am now in 2012 in the lawsuit data.
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