Sunday, February 12, 2017

Early morning FB

Julie Ali is feeling sleepy.
Just now
Morning. Sun hammering on the window in the writing room. The red and pink geranium have finally decided it is safe to bloom and are doing their jobs to be vivid.
Everything else is producing leaves as if this were a photosynthesis factory.
I have just got up.
I have not yet made coffee or had toast.
I will work on the lawsuit for a bit.
Younger boy still has not been reading up for the driver test.
I haven't been harried enough about it to get him to do this work.
We still have to get him to apply for jobs.
Most of the time he is so quiet I forget he is in the house.
You would never do this with older boy who is on the other end of the spectrum being like his grandfather--a sort of people magnet.
Where was I?
Gotta go.

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