Monday, February 20, 2017

Early morning Facebooking

Julie Ali is feeling blessed.
Just now
Slightly cloudy day out. I will have tea and toast soon. The writing room is cold as the heater is off. The plants are all gasping for water as I haven't done their care for weeks.
 I will start on the lawsuit work. Then stop. I will pick up Rebecca from the Villa Marguerite so she can have home time.
What is home time? I guess it is where you are with family. The home time she gets is whenever I can rush to the Villa after lunch, pick her up and bring her out. Then I rush to the Villa to take her back before supper as my food is inedible. Also she is on a schedule that we adhere to rigidly.
For all of us and especially disabled folks we need a schedule like a backbone to keep us going.
Outside a thin bone of light is poking out of the grey mist of sky. Quiet inside the house. Paper everywhere in my room. Sometimes you live your whole life to arrive at this place, this time, this lawsuit. Sometimes you wonder what your life was before the facing of the words. It's a place I never expected to be at but I guess I will have to pass through the bone of light, the body of mist to get to home.
Have a great Family Day folks. Love each other. We are here for each other for such a short time in this beautiful world.


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