Sunday, February 26, 2017

Early morning Facebooking February 26, 2017 before the Home Visit of Rebecca

It is very shiny outside. I am listening to Gotye.
Hot in the writing room. Red spill of geranium flowers onto the table which is groaning with the summer flowers and the African violets. Since I watered the plants last week they have revived from their various limp positions and are actively strutting. I must remember to water them this week.
The Canada Day cuttings of the geranium that I lost in the frost because I wasn't quick enough to bring her in is now at the reasonable stage of growth. Maybe they aren't as big as the mother plant but they are getting there.
Younger boy is asleep. He is either in the cocoon of his bed or the cocoon of computer time.
Now I have to clean snow. I will drink my tea with honey and go do the snow shovelling. At least the grey dullness of yesterday is gone.
When the snow is done I will pick up Rebecca for art and film time. Her brain is being stimulated so she doesn't become dull.
I figure if art and film won't stimulate a brain nothing will.
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