Friday, February 24, 2017

Art Corner for Rebecca at home

Julie Ali feeling blessed.
Just now
I have made a corner with art supplies. I have watercolours, crayons and pencils. There is a water container and a brush.
It is simple but convenient.
When Rebecca comes home every two days for a visit, I put her next to the art supplies. I believe art is the way out of pain, suffering and damage into a new brain and a new path.
When Rebecca comes home I don't force her to do art. I make it available for her.
Naturally her hands move to the paper crisp and ready. Then the brush. I only have one brush because I haven't found the other ones I have but really she just needs one brush.
She has more art supplies at the Villa Marguerite but she is alone in her room doing art.
At home we are all here and she can do her art in the family room.
When she has done some art, had a mug of coffee sweetened with honey, when she has worked through another part of her life, I like to think it is all healing. The brain can heal with art. I think really, the brain can heal itself with love, determination and practice.
Every time she does art, she will feel better about her life. No one --not even the most handicapped among us --should be thought of as lacking human qualities. Everyone is of the same value in my mind. Perhaps the outer package is worn and broken but inside the soul shines radiant.
After the art time, the crackers and coffee; a plate of oranges we went back to the Villa and I left her at supper. The time between 12:30 to 5:00 pm is family time; the rest of the time is Villa Marguerite time. I will pick her up on Sunday for more art time/ family time.

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