Sunday, February 19, 2017

although the hens and chicks of time

although the snow is vanquished
and the melt is evident
although the sky is peeling
her clouds in discontent

although the moon has ripped at
the envelope of night
although the stars were thrown away
far from my blurry sight

although the hens and chicks of time
are feasting on the spill of day
I can't be bothered to do anything
but stray and play this way

the room is full of paper
that clogs the path for me
and the door is blocked    so freedom
is not the route to be

I guess I will sleep snugly
in the chair   where the notes are many
I have a lawsuit to work on
and the lawyers --I hear are canny

I will sift through medical lingo
and slap the rump of harm
I will pierce the bubble slowly
and the fugitive chart alarm

in any case  I figure    what I will 
sieve with my aching mind 
will be education enough
and enough evidence to find 

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