Monday, February 20, 2017

Afternoon Facebooking

Julie Ali
 is feeling loved.
Just now
I got Rebecca home. She is comfy on the sofa by the computer watching a science fiction movie that creeps me out. I have given her a cup of honey and expresso coffee. There are small snacks for her. It's best to now try to wake up and look at the medical files from the affidavit.
Once I remember the past, it will be a bit easier to get through all the data.
Outside the bone of light is a skeleton.
The day is not warm.
Family day is for all of us to sit in our homes with our families and weave the bonds tight.
When it is about 5 pm I will take Rebecca back to the Villa Marguerite
Younger boy got his work area set up by hubby for his birthday present. It looks very nice. The computer monitors are mounted on the wall. The table is a cheap thing from IKEA but still better than the ancient teak table I got from my parents that is very old and worn out.
The boy is happy and still in bed.
I guess when he wakes up he will have lunch.
Best to go back to the lawsuit.


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