Sunday, February 26, 2017

After the home visit and back to the Villa Marguerite

Julie Ali
 feeling happy.
Just now
I took Rebecca back to the Villa Marguerite and had two fried eggs for supper. Everyone else has had some sort of pate spread on bread.
Rebecca's art today was a splurge of yellow watercolours over pages of watercolour paper with odd dashes and dots of other colours. Very impressionist. They are drying by the fireplace.
I am now back out of the ICU at the Royal Alexandra Hospital. It's pretty dizzying to go back and forth from 2017 to 2013 and back to 2017.
Outside the snow has reshaped reality to a spring cleaning show with laundry of white everywhere.
I imagine everyone is pretty mellow right now. I am going back to the lawsuit to simmer in the pot of the past.
Younger boy needs to apply for another summer job today. I am not sure if he has applied for one yesterday.
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