Friday, February 17, 2017

a happy day

Julie Ali feeling thankful.
Just now
This has been a happy day. I didn't do much work on the lawsuit but I still have time today.
Younger boy stayed home from NAIT. It seems that there is reading week and he can do this. Mind you he is doing no reading but is still pretty busy.
I have mopped the floors today which was my big accomplishment other than bringing Rebecca home.
When you are alone in a room in a SL4 site it is lonely and I imagine her there away from the family and I feel bad. I go bring her home as often as I can so she can be with us while I do the lawsuit work.
It takes time out of lawsuit preparation but she needs company. If you have a disabled family member you are always worried about that person because they are so defenceless.
When she was a baby she was the cutest baby. It was a terrible thing when we put her in the care of the government and it still feels very hard when we go to see her.
She is getting checked on at night with the mask being put on her face and she needs this care.
Maybe I will go bring her home on Sunday.
I will work hard on the lawsuit in the interim.
Outside all the snow is poof! The geraniums have gone mad bursting into red remarks and pink slips. It's so nice to have some growth somewhere. I should water them all because I haven't and they need it.
Right, I'd better go back to the lawsuit. The bell around this heifer.


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