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Velvet Martin The community is blessed to have been served by a man such as yourself. I've mixed feelings as I wish you would not stop depart from role of Mayor of this fine City, yet appreciative of the wisdom and kindness you've bestowed. You're a remarkable individual Nolan Crouse. I wish you well in all endeavours in life my friend. Thank you for your commitment and sincerity. Yours will be extraordinary shoes to fill. 🌹❤ Like · Reply · 12 hrs

Velvet Martin The community is blessed to have been served by a man such as yourself. I've mixed feelings as I wish you would not stop depart from role of Mayor of this fine City, yet appreciative of the wisdom and kindness you've bestowed. You're a remarkable individual Nolan Crouse. I wish you well in all endeavours in life my friend. Thank you for your commitment and sincerity. Yours will be extraordinary shoes to fill. 🌹
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Text of my speech is as follows announcing that I will not re-run this fall.
Today, serving you from this spot along the river, I would like to share with you my plans for the fall of 2017 municipal election, and before I get to that, I would like to share some precursor thoughts.
First of all, one of life’s greatest gifts beyond parenting a child, is to be given the opportunity to work hard at work worth doing, and the last nearly 13 years has been just that serving on Council. You just have to find out who you are and then do it on purpose.
As I reflect on the almost 13 years, and what lays ahead, it satisfies me to know that important work has been done by the City, staff and the Councils. It motivates me knowing that important work is forthcoming.
As I write this, St. Albert is known as arguably the safest urban in Alberta, and in recent years has regularly been acknowledged as one of, if not the best place to live in Canada, the best place to raise a family and recognized often as one of the safest Canadian cities, one of the best places to invest … and the list goes on.
Financially, we have seen several years of very modest tax increases and even a decrease one year, and our financial health, measured by reserves and debt status is amongst the top 2 to 3 of all urbans in Alberta, and arguably # 1. The City, community, and corporation are in a sparkling place.
The corporation itself is served by 625 employees and 60 RCMP members. Their work ethic is remarkably strong, their service to others is as good as any organization, private or public. Their quality and quantity of service helps this community be the best it can be, and for that, we must all be grateful. I have always been extremely proud of what I have experienced with all City staff and I am delighted with their excellence.
This community has within it about 100 not for profits; the community has about 25 churches and 30 schools. These organizations bring the most remarkable balance amongst the needs of education, culture, faith, social, recreation, health, business and sport. Having the opportunity to interface with each and every one of these organizations, has been perhaps my greatest pleasure and indeed learning; seeing just how significant these sectors contribute to our community. These organizations’ love of youth, seniors and family has been unwavering and appreciated dearly.
The non-residential sector, mostly represented by businesses is also strengthening, as the trend toward improving our non-residential tax assessment compared to our residential is becoming stronger. Not long ago, that split was 91% residential to 9% non residential and today it is closer to 85-15 and nudging ever so closer to a once thought elusive 80-20.
That Economic-Development-related goal reminds me of the Latin line on the City’s emblem… In Omnibus Respice Finem”, meaning “in everything you do, look to the end”.
When I first began serving the community on Council, Ray Gibbon Drive did not exist, nor did Servus Place, the Grain Elevator Park, or Riel Recreation Park in their current forms. Today we are fortunate that they all exist.
The greatest use of life is to leave a legacy that outlasts us as individuals. While I have helped that as a father, a businessperson and as a coach, I am also very proud to have teamed up with several Councils who have helped the community do that for and with our community.
The community still has needs for additional gathering and community-building locations, requiring another arena, aquatics facility, a gymnastics facility, expanded heritage sites, a bigger museum and library programming space. The next Council must step up and deliver on some of these needs.
Now, a few personal thoughts:
Everyone, I love what I do, and of the 20 Mayors who served before me, only Richard Fowler, Bill Veness and Michael Hogan were provided the opportunity to serve this community as Mayor longer than me. That is remarkable company that I am humbled by.
Now unless one has served as Mayor, one never really understands the specific and the unique challenges that a Mayor has or faces. It is intimate knowledge and experience reserved for few. The tremendous emotional, physical, mental and family demands are far different than that of a Councillor, remarkably different than what staff or the broad community will ever understand it to be. As Mayor, you actually even must grow in kindness because that same kindness is regularly tested. But the unique challenges at the same time are also the same pleasures that comes with servant leadership.
I chose community safety, wellness, neighbourhood development, youth development and not for profit development as my Social Policy platform for 13 years.
I chose business attraction through corporate and community branding and image enhancement as my Economic Development Policy.
And, I chose the river valley, trees and the waste streams as a focus for my Environment Policy.
Staying personal, I have told St. Albert residents that I would not falter and I have not; serving with sincerity, serenity, integrity and hard work. I have served my duty as a leader and I have not served as a performer playing to any gallery.
I have worked to give correction without resentment when needed and I also have worked to see the sameness – in beggar and in queen; in child and in king.
I have stuck to my values, even while being tested, since as we know, if you don’t, they are not values, they are just hobbies.
So as you wonder what my decision is, my decision is driven by the desire to have one more career stint; a stint that would involve the toughest challenge possible.
I don’t know exactly what that next will be, but faith and planning will point to that in due course. I will share more on that in the coming weeks.
So…running for Mayor in 2017 would require such an unusual set of circumstances that it will be very unlikely and as such I will not be planning to run.
It has been said that one should leave the stage while the crowd is still clapping and while I am not certain if indeed the crowd is still clapping, I know it is my time to leave this stage. There is something to be said about choosing the time.
I still plan to be in early tomorrow morning; as early as always. My parents raised me on a farm and we were poor and worked very hard. I owe it to my parents, to my entire family, to the community and to anyone who has little, to continue to serve. I owe it to continue to serve until the last moment that I am capable of. Most know, I have been all in, serving early and serving late and I continue to be all in.
My deepest and sincerest of appreciation and thank you to anyone and everyone who helps build this community in every which way possible.
In closing, a former United Nations Secretary used this brief prayer once which is profound in its meaning and yet its profound in its simplicity”
“Night is drawing nigh
For all that has been – thanks
For all that shall be – Yes”
Thank you all
Bruce Lecren Thank you Nolan for your many and varied contributions over the years... contributions that go beyond St. Albert to the entire capital region and indeed the province.
I wish you continued success in your new endeavours.
Best regards,
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Kate Korte Thank you for your service to our community!
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Verla Carter Thank you Nolan for your many years of service to St. Albert. Your support for so many non profits organizations is appreciated. I wish you the very best in whatever your future holds! Thank you for your dedication and service to St. Albert.
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Gillian Schaefer Percy Thank you, Nolan, for your service, work and love for our community. Your leadership has been positive and constructive and St. Albert is a better city for having had that influence.
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Esther J Stohr I wish you well my cousin
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Marg Mazer Sad that you are leaving; and 'this crowd' is indeed still very much applauding you & your service. All good wishes to you & your family, & to you on your new adventures. 
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Matt Garvin Thanks for your service Nolan.
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Cornelis De Boon Great job Nolan, thank you!!
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Leanne Anderson My sadness is truly palpable. I can't even imagine. Whoever will be the incumbent has mighty big shoes to fill. I had a feeling that this news was coming but I had hoped my intuition was off base. It's a sad albeit inevitable day. You have left an indelible mark not only in St. Albert or the greater Edmonton area but in the Province.
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Lynne Bouliane-Draves All the best Ito u cousin Nolan in the next journey u plan to take u have been a great Mayor for the community of St.Albert good luck 😘
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Christine Stadnyk I wish you continued success! Thank you for your service, appreciate you getting to know your city and the personal touch with its people!
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Paulette Schoenberger Thank you Mayor Nolan Crouse for a job well done. You represented our community professionally but also like a normal and fun
loving man, I don't know who will fill your shoes, you leave a big hole on St. Albert City
Council I wish you success in the next part of
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Joe Becigneul Nolan. What can I say other than thank you so much for your service.
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Bob Barss You will be missed, but we know best when time has come. Irma is proud that one of it sons has done so well
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Dave Beattie Nolan
We certainly will miss your leadership and integrity you have given St. Albert all these years
You certainly will be missed, and if the fine citizens of our city do know the value you have brought them, they will realize when you are gone. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your invaluable service
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Trevor Love Thank you for your service Nolan.
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Larry Laurence Reynolds Pulpmill (IP) might be looking for a good Recaust Operator.
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Lori Oko Kary You have made a difference to St. Albert and your leadership with integrity will be missed. Your vision, dedication and commitment have brought many wonderful changes. Good Luck to you Nolan!
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Jack Rafuse We will miss you Nolan.Thanks best to you in the future!
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Dale Throndson Well written, well done and well served. Thank you Mayor Crouse.
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Ron Hierlihy Good for you Dale--still working (mentally) on my response!
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Julie Ali
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Sarah Peacock I wish you all the best! I don't know of any other mayor who would personally congratulate a young citizen through Facebook message for competing in the Alberta summer games. The little things truly mean so much 

St. Albert will miss having you as mayor!
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Sherry Knoppers Thank u for your years of service!
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Paul Chalifoux Thanks for your dedicated service over the years-the citizens will truly miss you! Best wishes in your next endeavour!👍
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Cathy Greep Needham Well said & served Mayor Nolan Crouse.
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Trina Shipanoff You are a great role model of how to lead, be engaged and compassionate in your work. You will be missed ... but I can not wait to see what the next chapter brings for you...big hugs xo
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Brian Macleod Nolan, a big Thank You for your service! Well done!
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Trevor Norris You and I have had many disagreements, but I'd like to thank you for your service to the city that became my home in 2005, where I spent my most important years growing up, and where my parents still reside. St. Albert is, and always has been, a great place to live & raise a family, and you played a part in ensuring that it remained that way throughout your term.

Good luck in your next endeavors.
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Anna Gillespie All the best, Nolan.
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Brenden Passek Nolan you are a huge beauty. Thanks for being an unreal mayor for the city of St. Albert!!! You're my hero
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Shelley Caroline Jerome Thank you for everything you have seen through to completion. You made it look easy but we know it wasn't. Best of luck on your next adventure.
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Debbie Eidick Thank you for all that you have done for our city! We have been blessed with having you as our Mayor. Good luck in your future endeavours.
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Gerry Segger Nolan thank you again for a job well done
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Tash Taylor Your hard work and dedication have been exemplary. Your work ethic and caring will lead you ahead. Whatever your next step, you will be successful. Thank you for your service.
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Cam Sonnenberg I have always been proud to call you family Nolan. This speech sums up a lot of what makes that possible. I will miss telling people that that mayor is my cousin ( it's kind of like bragging!) but I will always still tell them that I am proud you are family. Best of luck.
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Verl Anderson I will let mom know. She loves you, as long as you are OK , mom will be OK, thats the way it works,
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Paul Quantz Thanks for being a friend. You have served with grace and integrity. Wishing you the best in your future endeavors
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Michael Wilson Nolan, just to echo everyone's thoughts here, thank you for being such a remarkable leader and figurehead for the city, you have done the city well and can hold your head high knowing you're leaving St Albert in a much better place than when you found it. My best to you on your next adventure, and I know we would also continue to see you spearhead growth and participate on the same exemplary path as you have set out.
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Katharina Riedyk You have served us well and you will be missed on Council. Wishing you all the best in your future endeavours.
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Stacy Laursen Giroux My friends from outside of St. Albert are always surprised when I tell them that the Mayor remembers my name or shows up at our local community association pancake breakfasts or was there chatting with the junior high students at the launch of their hi...See More
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Holly Krier Tanner You have been the best Mayor St. Albert has ever had and I am proud to call you friend. Best of luck in your future endeavours Nolan Crouse if you are ever looking for a volunteer position give me a call. Cheers!
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Bob Claxton Nolan Crouse it has been a privilege to live under your leadership. You accomplished much for the good people of St Albert. May your future endeavors have great success. I appreciate your friendship. Will watch with anticipation of your next step.
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Gail Caron You have been a tremendous Mayor for St. Albert and I can say that as I have lived here since 1969. You have worked your butt off and I hope you are retiring so you can put that energy into pure enjoyment for yourself and your family. Thanks so much Nolan. You will be missed without a doubt.
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Stuart Houston Decisions for someone that is a Mayor of a fabulous City that absolutely lives and breathes a commitment you have shown is the hardest thing you will ever do !! You have been an incredible leader in the Region.
You have worked so hard for St.Albert !! Good luck my friend !
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Jared Milne Thank you very much for your years of dedicated service, Mr. Mayor. I appreciated both your hard work in office, and the occasional chats we had when we ran into each other on the walking trails or outside St. Albert Place. 

Best wishes and good luck in your future endeavours.
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Daniel Mount Nolan they call me your doppelgänger as we apparently look alike but we are not alike. No one has the work ethic you have nor could I even hope to be close to having the respect that people have for you. After over forty years living in St. Albert I can say that you have been a major highlight. I see what you do, I see your sincerity at events like Relay for Life during the latest hours in the day or the earliest hours in the morning. Best of luck sir are a class act and we are blessed to have had you lead our city.
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Andie Wirsch Thank you for inspiring through positivity and being proactive!
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Joan Laventure Mayor Crouse, it's been an absolute pleasure working with you this past 3 years and I'll really miss you!! You are one in a million! I wish you all the best 😊
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Wendy King Well said Nolan and congratulations on your accomplishments. I look forward to continuing to see you in service in your next role. The future is yours!
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Darryl LaBuick Nolan - thank you for your timeless commitment as mayor. Many long hours. Great job!
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Louise Good What an amazing and profound message and also what an amazing and profound legacy you have gifted your community. They are lucky to have had you serve as mayor! I am lucky and blessed to call you my friend! I wish you every happiness to you and your family in whatever you choose to do next!
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Julie Ali I am sure you will end up in a public role as everyone here seems to have only very positive evaluations of your work. We are in need of public representatives who serve the people as ably as you seem to have done for the citizens of St. Albert. I hope you continue to serve them at perhaps the provincial or federal levels.
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