Wednesday, January 4, 2017

This and That--Wednesday January 4, 2017

It was a beautiful sunny morning before the clouds came up to shut the door of light with a misty latch. I got up late and had a quick breakfast of toast, apricot jam and coffee. I went to visit Rebecca at the Villa Marguerite. I wanted to wash her Teddy Bears. She has a big collection and they are all in need of a good wash. I took her a new bear so as to distract her from the loss of her lovelies. This worked. While she was oohing and ahhing over the dumb bear, I stuffed all the other bears into a bag and absconded with them. I promised to bring them back tomorrow. There are two enormous bears left that I can't wash in the washing machine so I will take them home another day to wash in the tub.
I will bring the rest of the bears back tomorrow when I visit her with Dr. C. The bag of bears may be slightly damp but there you go.
The glorious light is now a distant memory. I have not done anything productive today. I want to go over the carbon capture stuff but instead I am reading books. The first one is "A personal calligraphy" by Mary Pratt. I like this book because the artist is not full of herself but is a normal human being. The thing I don't like about artists and writers sometimes is that they are indecipherable. In this book I find a woman who was a stay at home mum like myself who has managed to avoid pompous assness. It's nice. I stayed up late to read the book and this is why I slept in and am now able to stitch a seam in language right now. This doesn't often happen and I was even able to saw through a steak dad gave me that was rock-like and put it in the slow cooker. I am hoping that immersion in fluid with potatoes and carrots will render this meat edible.
Younger boy was forced out of bed to go to NAIT. He seemed inured to going. Maybe he understands that his life of art is going to be underpinned by sacrifices of being part of the great work force of the society or maybe he is just one of those kids who doesn't whine. He is the only child I know of who is not a complainer. But this may be related to the parsimonious use of language that is his predominant trait.
You can tell I am alive today since I am using bigger words than I need to communicate my feeling that life is good.
In between Mary Pratt's book I am reading "Through Naked Branches Selected Poems of Tarjei Vesaas" translated and edited by Roger Greenwald.
I have already read this book but since my brain is rather porous I have already forgotten what I read. I found this poet at the Vancouver Public Library and adhered to this poet's works immediately. I will go to TAL Online and order more of his works when I am done reading the ten million books all around me in the writing room which more properly should be called the reading room or the junk collection room.
Since I was a child of poor parents I love junk. It's not a failing I think since I recycle stuff other folks get rid of. When we lived in Barnsley, Yorkshire we were poor. The only things I collected in this place were chocolate bars. When we moved to Kuwait I collected rocks and cats. Now I am in Edmonton, I collect stars, wreaths, pictures, silver tarnished pieces that are usually broken and a ton of books. Every now and then the junk is pruned and I give it all away to the Goodwill. Right now I have the plants that I brought into the house adding to the junk. It's troubling that I have the need to buy things that are under $5 so much but I will blame it on an impoverished childhood where my parents were often stuck making chicken neck curry. Here is information about Yorkshire. A very pretty place with really friendly folks. I would like to go visit it again this year.

Welcome to Yorkshire, Have a brilliant Yorkshire with fantastic offers from all around our fantastic county. what will you do next?

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