Wednesday, January 18, 2017

This and That --Wednesday January 18, 2017

I did nothing productive today. I was sleepy for most of the day. The chatter on Facebook was done with half my brain asleep. Now I am going to have supper. It is lentil soup that dad made and left over rice.
 Most nights (it is dark outside) I have a ton of stuff to do that has not got done. Laundry. The supper. The reading. The parents.
At least today I did the parents. I got both of them to the store where they shopped. Mum was very tuckered out but she did walk which is good. Any sort of walking with the parents is a good thing. She had her stroller which was stuck in the mushy snow several times but then I got her out of these spots.
The amaryllis has opened one of her pink eyes. She is very pretty. I have had great value from my bulb. First one stem and then now a second stem. I thought they only made one attempt at blooming but it seems if it is hot enough in the writing room they think it's Paradise and keep going. It is boiling in the writing room what with the space heater, the windows without the blinds I can't afford to buy and the clutter that holds heat.
After I got the parents home and put their stuff away I looked for mum's Blue Cross information as I need to find out if the podiatrist appointment tomorrow is covered. I will have to phone tomorrow. I begin to feel that I have two sets of kids. One set are the boys. The other set are the parents.
Because I had library books to return to the Tal Online I went to drop them off early. I don't want major fines. I still have other books from the library piled up around me.
My head feels very soggy like it was a piece of bread soaked in a cup of milk. Maybe this is what happens as you read GOA information - parts of your brain that once had electricity --burn out. I better go have some supper. Lentil soup and Uncle Ben's converted rice.

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