Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Teddy Bears and reading poetry

Younger boy did not like the steak stew I made. The boy is eating a pepperoni sandwich. Because I am a bad cook he eats a lot of sandwiches.
Tomorrow I will go with the Teddy Bears to the Villa Marguerite. An accident happened in the washing machine and one of the bears lost stuffing. I don't know which one it is. All of them are in the dryer for the second round of drying as the first one did not work. The dryer has never been very good and with age it is refusing to do the work it is supposed to do. Since we can't afford a new dryer I just fluff the laundry and put them up to dry in the mudroom but I can't hang up the bears so they are being fluffed again.
This was a non-productive day as I did not review the Carbon Capture business. I was at least supposed to read this report:
Greenhouse Gas
Prospects and
Ottawa, Canada
21 April 2016
Instead of reading about the expense of the carbon capture business I washed Teddy Bears and attempted to dry them. I will have to remove the damaged bear and hope Rebecca doesn't ask about the missing bear. Hopefully it is not Paddington Bear that bit the biscuit.
I am still on the book by the poet I mentioned. I am on the poem "Snow and Spruce Forest" which is describing the landscape around me. I haven't made it beyond this first poem. I will sit in this poem for ages I think until the landscape is fully 3-dimensional.
I like to go through a book of poems at a fast clip. Then I go back and wallow in the poems like a buffalo in mud on a hot day.

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