Wednesday, January 18, 2017

only the door remains

because we are alone
in our imaginations
because we have the night
like a blade
cutting through the light
because the grasses sleep
and the marsh sits in her winter boots
because time is like a dripping tap
from a source that seems endless
we do not weep

because we are fertile
in the time that we take
to make our projects
because these projects consume us
because we are filling time
with bubbles of imagination
we don't feel that there will be an end to this drama 
because the amaryllis keeps blooming
because the new shoot follows the one that dies

because of all these matters
it is easy to feel that we are important
that the toys we make will last a long time
but in fact they will all break
and in our dusty rooms of summer
the fall and winter remains unclaimed
one day the door will open
and the darkness can't be torn away
the skin of light will drop to the floor
and the silver moon itself will vanish

all about you the world will go on
and the river of darkness
will claim another poet
but you will be free to disappear 
because the imagination is a wheel
you spin in the room of the nun
because the silence is attractive
because the words are pretty creatures
because your imagination is all you really need
these are the darling days of creativity

but one day
you know how it will be
the final door will open
and in that space you will be all alone
all you do in these practice sessions of the soul
is to prepare for eternity
these are all attempts to face the end of what is known 
we are all dancing on a stage
that is disintegrating
the singer herself is vanishing slowly

only the door remains as the factory 
as constant as the children who are born and die
only the door opens and closes
to take another blue soul inside 
and what lies in the great factory of death?
I tell you it is all silence and darkness
(at least this is what I experienced)
the silence is not peaceful
but the darkness is a shroud that will
set your singing free    at the end there is victory

The Book Of Love - Martin Kerr (Cover) Live at the Citadel Theatre

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