Wednesday, January 4, 2017

lets all pretend democracy is real

although I have failed
at everything
I have investigated
I am not glum

I am simply asking good questions
and waiting for the GOA
to answer them
this is called

being a good citizen
I am asking where the money went
and should we have spent it all
in this dumb fashion or been more prudent?

I think all of us should do what I am doing
I am watching the spin being spun
and wondering who the heck
believes this junk?

surely there is a reason why the GOA fails
in the work?  surely the GOA could do it's job?
surely the political hires could take control of the work?
and surely we could for once get value from our tax dollars?

we don't need a taxpayers association to keep them honest
what we need are citizens to question and be persistent
we are using tax dollars in futile ways
and meanwhile the most vulnerable citizens are being screwed

I say lets all ask questions
lets all hold the GOA accountable
lets all pretend democracy is real
lets all believe we are the bosses and they are the hires

George Ezra - Budapest (Official Video)

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