Monday, January 2, 2017

let us say /we have done the work

and the world rocks
in the cradle of time

and we go slowly 
to the last place

where we belong
as equals

we wish for dignity
and kindness

we share our names
and one by one

we pass through
the eye of the needle

to enter the silence
and gloom of the grave

when we arrive there
let us be merry and not grieving

let us say
we have done the work

for which we were designed
let us say we were courageous

and we made the attempts
that resulted in failure

for we must fail you know
to get to the last door

failure is what takes us there
that last door is meant    for all those who attempt

day after day
despite the failures

that never end
we go towards the last door

let us say our names proudly

we are those 
who attempted and failed repeatedly 

we are those
who loved and were not shamed

we are those
who believed and worked as outsiders    to end horror

we are those
who arrive at the last door unvanquished

Mumford & Sons - Ditmas

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