Sunday, January 1, 2017

Laps--Sunday January 1, 2016 -first steps

After cleaning the snow at the parents' place and other places, I had a quick snack of cheese and toast with coffee. Then went out. I took my cross country ski poles that I got at a garage sale for a dollar each. I like to have them just in case there are slippery spots.
I went to the minor forest trail and did a back and forth for the half hour I promised was all I would do today. First steps are not to be bold but small.
Once the walk was done I came in to the warm house and luxuriated in the heat. There aren't many folks out despite the light blossoming on the pale cloudy sky. The hillocks of clouds are but minor but they serve to emphasize the lack of light except in exclusive places on the trail where the light laminated the grasses to ghost gold tendrils. All the chickadees were boisterous and the squirrels had enough energy to remonstrate as I passed by their villages in the birch trees. The firs were swagged on both side of the trail and the snow was packed down firm -perfect for the tiny walk I have done.  It is a good beginning to the laps. 

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