Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Jason Nixon shared Don MacIntyre's video. 12 hrs · It was shocking during debate on Bill 34 to watch NDP cabinet minister Marlin Shmidt show what he and the NDP truly think about the people of Alberta.---Julie Ali "I know where you should stick it?" Wow. That is so unprofessional.-

It was shocking during debate on Bill 34 to watch NDP cabinet minister Marlin Shmidt show what he and the NDP truly think about the people of Alberta.

Don MacIntyre
Last week MLAs were debating Bill 34, Electric Utilities Amendment Act, and who would be stuck with the added costs.
Apparently NDP cabinet minister Marlin Shmidt has some ideas on where Albertans can stick it...

Julie Ali

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Julie Ali "I know where you should stick it?" Wow. That is so unprofessional.
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Brad McKenzie The member who replied about where you should stick it should have been thrown out of the session by the Speaker , unacceptable conduct
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Jay Buchanan Exactly!
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Carol Rein Absolutely!
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Linda Possakka That person should be stuck with disciplinary action... not acceptable!
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Julie Ali

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Carol Rein NDP seems to have nothing but comtempt and utter disrespect for Albertans. Especially is we're oil workers, farmers/ranchers, or have a rural address. But I also have no respect for them because of this. I didn't vote for them; they are doing more damage to Alberta than I thought they would and I want them out!
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Sam Kozma Thanks Don for speaking up! Keep up the good work. We the people (your bosses) cannot keep shouldering the massive spending and looming debt by the NDP experiment.
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Linda Possakka The NDP don't want Don there because he can run circles around them when it comes to knowledge.
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Sam Kozma Why run when he only needs to to a slow walk? The NDP do not want to be questioned because they can't answer or debate with facts.
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Julie Ali

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Bruce Christensen Before the Carbon Tax kicked in the NDP didn't say to much about the tax. NOW in 4 days they have had more press time .If they were so sure of their position they wouldn't be constantly defending it,or they didn't realize the backlash they would get. A GOOD GOVERNMENT DOES NOT TALK DOWN TO ALBERTANS.
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Sherri Emery Marlin Shmidt NDP who said I know were you should stick should be fired.
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Vince Rosvold Marlin Shidt gave a really immature, and stupid comment for being a minister of advanced education.
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Julie Ali

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Robert Hink That member who replied in the back ground of this video should be hauled up in front of the house and made to apologize to the people of this province.
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Julie Ali Does anyone know who the guy who spoke is?
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Julie Ali

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Roman R Wolskyj And you would have thought the NDP(CCF) would have fought for the little guy like their credo dictates....betcha Tommy Douglas is turning in his grave....
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Mike Romp Imagine if they told that to albertans in person. You know ppl who aren't PC.
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Jay Buchanan How exactly are seniors lodge prices going to increase with the new power fiasco and now add in carbon tax!
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Diane Winther Yes tell them where they can stick it,NDP has no respect for Alberta,just money grabbing crooks
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Stew Carson Marlin Schmidt is an embarrassment to our province.
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Manfred Kintop I'm not the least bit surprised.
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Ted Jones sad that they don't care about us
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Julie Ali Heck they are even worse than the PCs were. We have the second crop of entitled indifferent MLAs who don't represent us.

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