Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Year Everyone! Try your best to do the resolutions that you make. Each resolution is a wish from your soul.

Julie Ali feeling happy.
Just now
It is a new year. I always like a new year because I can forget about the new year's resolutions from last year that I did not do such as being patient, not losing my temper, eating less fruitcake and walking daily.
So this is a new opportunity to make the same resolutions as last year.
The one I have the most difficulty with in terms of implementation---is that being patient business. Since I am surrounded with family who are ancient or without insight or both I have to be patient when I would rather be impatient. How does one keep oneself silent? I try to think of a book I am reading where a poet is humming about her life that is in nature. Thinking of the poet I tell myself that perhaps her writing will inflame me with her robust nature. It rarely works.
Next to being patient the daily walks have been hard to implement because it is much easier to sit in a chair in the writing room and ignore the world outside my door.
But the daily walking is essential. In the book by Atul Gawande called "Being Mortal" which I am reading at a fast clip and will therefore have to reread again, frailty is one reason we kick the bucket (we just fall apart). Since I do not want to fall apart but live to a good age so that I can be there for my sons as unpaid drudge and baby sitter I will begin again the work of walking.
Walking when done daily is a sort of discipline that an anal person like myself likes to do but I have to do it every day or else it all ends up with no walking done. I walk in the neighborhood past the gardens that are now covered up with a tiny pastiche of snow. I walk in the muddy forest where disgraceful dog owners let their dogs do their business and do not pick up after them so I have to tip toe around doggie doo. I have walked at Southgate Mall early in the morning when seniors are gathered like flocks of flamingos to do yoga and Tai chi but I don't like crowds and it feels claustrophobic with all that junk around me in shops luring me to look, buy, enjoy. I would rather be cheap. But even a cheap person like myself is seduced by the wares sometimes.
Where was I? It is a New Year. I made the same resolutions as last year and I add just one more resolution which is to be relentless. If you aren't relentless how do you keep resolutions?
Happy New Year Everyone! Try your best to do the resolutions that you make. Each resolution is a wish from your soul.

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