Tuesday, January 3, 2017

CBC News 8 hrs · Here's how icy the streets were in Vancouver: http://www.cbc.ca/1.3918280

CBC News
8 hrs
Here's how icy the streets were in Vancouver: http://www.cbc.ca/1.3918280
Julie Ali
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Julie Ali Wow. It is worse than Edmonton.
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Adam Foster I"m suprised the Canucks haven't offered this guy a contract.
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Julie Ali
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Clifford Capezzuto He skates like people drive there in Hongcouver... it ain't pretty but it gets you there
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Peggy Jones Bahahaha
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Mark Snow "Hongcouver"..why the need to call it that?.
I swear sometimes I think SOME whites are born with a bigot gene.
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Heath Nicholson Most communities in BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba (ie: the West) are predominantly white, leading most people to believe that is normal. And then they go to Vancouver and are absolutely astounded by how many Asian people there are. So they call it Hongcouver as a joke, most of the people they say it to are white, like themselves, and they get the response they are looking for: an amused chuckle. So they keep doing it. If you're going to criticize them for it might I suggest mocking them for their unoriginality in a joke they think is funny? They think they're being clever, make fun of them because they're not. It'll achieve your end goal sooner than pointing out that their joke is slightly offensive, they like being offensive.
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Bella Kennedy Give him a hockey 🏒stick and puck!!!
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Gary Shaw Mark Snow any thoughts on non white people calling Whitby Ontario "whiteby"?
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Samuel Derek Colban No need for all the crying fellas^^
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Sunshine Summinen Mark Snow I swear SOME whites are born with the "things have changed here rapidly but goshdarnit no one can speak the obvious because that's racist" gene.
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Lynn Beck Mark Snow I think the term Hongcouver was coined by someone of Chinese descent who is a well known journalist, Ian Young who has a blog about Vancouver called 'Hongcouver' in the South China Morning Post.

"Vancouver correspondent for South China Morning Post. Author of Hongcouver blog."
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Lynn Beck Heath Nicholson Maybe you don't live in Vancouver?? I think a journalist of Chinese descent came up with the name and that's what he called his blog in the South China Morning Post: 

"The Hongcouver blog is devoted to Vancouver's hybrid culture wit
h Hong Kong and growing relationship with mainland China. Author Ian Young is the SCMP's Vancouver correspondent and former International Editor, who has won or shared awards for excellence in investigative and human rights reporting, and the HK News Awards Scoop of the Year.

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Heath Nicholson Lynn Beck you're correct, I'm not from Vancouver, I'm from a rural area in northern BC where I can assure you the term Hongcouver has been used long before a Chinese columnist used the term. I remember it being called that at least 25 years ago. He may very well have made it popular in Vancouver, unless his blog predates the internet? Haha.
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Nathan Magee Mark Snow What's a "Whites"?
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Julie Ali Mark Snow It is a dumb gene.
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Julie Ali Heath Nicholson But why do they like being offensive? Why don't they prefer being nice? It's so much kinder.
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Julie Ali Sunshine Summinen Well I guess you can say that there are a ton of Asians in Vancouver just like I can say there are a ton of homeless folks there as well. But we both don't need to emphasize this matter by trying to attach place of origin to the name of Vancouver do we?
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Julie Ali Lynn Beck The journalist of Chinese descent should be a better writer than this.
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