Wednesday, December 21, 2016

You are so correct. There are plenty of Trump folks in Alberta. We voted NDP to get rid of the PCs. The NDP are behaving just like the PCs--as the NDPCs. We're tired of not being heard. Wildrose will be elected in Alberta in the next election. I doubt that the federal Conservatives will win simply because they aren't as canny without Mr. Harper.

  • REYNOLD REIMER • 4 Hours Ago
    Another defense we have against the hair-on-fire wackies is a voting system that’s pretty well free of Jim Crow vote suppression, hackable voting machines, or other unfairness. ( For a taste of what happens in the country that bills itself a model democracy, see While we’re trying to figure out how to move to something like proportional representation, the people to the south are still trying to figure out how to count votes.
  • TENET • 4 Hours Ago
    The mainstreet media is but a memory, our floundering CBC is under constant enemy fire, social media is besieged with vitriol, often violent. At least one loudmouth reality show lunatic is prepared to give voice to the dark side. There is presently more dark then light.
    The first foreign stop for a prolific Trump surrogate was?
    I believe we are every bit as vulnerable to our own Brexit apocalypse, or our own version of a lunatic like Trump.
    We are even more vulnerable when we think we are not. I will put my wish list under the tree.


  • TIM • 3 Hours Ago
    Along the lines of my comment last night about Lee Richardson one thing Alberta Conservatives seem to be forgetting is there are a lot more alternatives to hard right Reform Party style conservatism today than there was in King Ralph’s and Preston’s 1990s heyday. Given that the Federal Liberals already have two seats in Calgary the idea of adding a third or fourth is not necessarily as far out as it seems even if the seats they are contesting used to belong to Stephen Harper and Jason Kenney(and in the Harper seat Preston Manning).
    At the provincial level unlike during the Stelmach years the alternative is not simply trying to fight the Morton/Wildrose crowd wanting to pull the PC government to the right internally but simply keeping in place the existing non Conservative NDP government. Thus as a purely political matter Sandra Jansen’s decision to cross the floor to the NDP as actually a lot easier today than it would have been during the Ralph Klein.

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