Tuesday, December 13, 2016

-------Silence is complicit ----Mdm. Marie-Claude Landry Chief Commissioner of the Canadian Human Rights Commission ----------------We're speaking clearly now as citizens. We want change now. Not the dull flaccid baloney change of the PCs. Not the less than robust change of the Trudeau Team. We are asking for real change. Now.

December 13

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From: Julie Ali <
Date: Tue, Dec 13, 2016 at 7:42 PM
Subject: #justiceforserenity--#changenow--#orangecrushed---#SilenceIsComplicit-----Sabir told the house he won’t go. “I have stated that we have failed these children for decades,” he said. “The folks over there are the only ones who think it’s time to step down. I think it’s time to step up.”
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Dear Ms. Notley,

I note that your own words are being rehashed by the opposition parties now with reference to Serenity. They seem to be a political boomerang. 
What were these words?

Wildrose member Todd Loewen turned Notley’s verbiage around on her, using the same words she used in the house in 2008 when in opposition she called for the firing of the Progressive Conservative social services minister over problems with sexual abuse of children in government care.

“You clearly have no idea what’s going on inside your ministry,” said Loewen to Sabir. “You failed your staff. You failed Albertans. You failed these children. Why won’t you resign?”

Apparently when the NDP were in the opposition it was one of the requests made to government that there be a changeover in Ministers due to failures to do the job in child welfare. This seemed to be a reasonable request by the NDP folks at that time.

Yet when the NDP folks form government and the current opposition party asks for the same matter, suddenly this is not a reasonable request? Why not? I am puzzled. 

In this case, certainly there appears to be similar cause for removal of the Minister.

Mr. Sabir seems like a nice man but why didn't he do the work we require of him? How can we have faith in a minister who doesn't even recognise that there were problems with Serenity's file? Also why weren't the safeguards proposed by the less than productive PC folks not implemented by the minister? Why is the Human Services Ministry and the Alberta Justice Ministry so clueless that this entire file appears to be bungled so that even the RCMP have to beg for information? What the heck is going on at the GOA? 

Why wasn't the already ineffectual Child and Youth Advocate Department which is basically unable to do anything due to legislative failures--not getting information? I thought we hired y'all to improve the performance of the GOA especially with reference to transparency, accountability and penalties provided to workers who do not do their jobs. Instead of required changes, we have a blanket forgiveness statement issued by the Human Services Minister even before the fake panel proceeds. We understand what this fake panel is about. It's to dilly dally yet for another century or two of child deaths and abuse.

We're speaking clearly now as citizens. We want change now. Not the dull flaccid baloney change of the PCs. Not the less than robust change of the Trudeau Team. We are asking for real change. Now.

If this means that Mr. Sabir is fired by you -so be it. If you don't do it, we'll do it in the next election.


Julie Ali



The Book Of Love - Martin Kerr (Cover) Live at the Citadel Theatre 

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