Saturday, December 31, 2016


Because I have laundry to do I am avoiding it by Facebooking.
Older boy's clothes are on the sofa. He has more underwear than everyone else in the house. When he is bored I think he goes shopping for nice underwear. All his life his mother got him utilitarian Fruit of the Loom underwear and he was unused to luxury garments. Now he has an apprenticeship with pay he can indulge like the rest of the free world in useless pieces of cloth that are supposed to make you feel like the top of the heap with a brand name that costs big bucks.
All the frugality I taught him is out the window.
There are more pieces of underwear than there are clothes.
At least he isn't buying gold watches and other useless junk.
Soon it will be time to stuff his car with all his gypsy things.
It will be time to say goodbye.
The bed in the bonus room will be empty of his socks and his clothes.
There will be silence in the house.
No more older boy for ages.
It feels as if the world is like a rubber band snapping in your face when it breaks.
Children should stay home longer in my opinion.
But then again, looking at the piles of laundry that I won't have to do until he is home again, maybe leaving home early is a good thing. I mean how long can he keep buying clothes to avoid doing laundry?
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