Thursday, December 29, 2016

under the skin of everything / there is a fertile renaissance

should you come this way
bring the music in your pocket
so that you might give me
the song that I am seeking
    here in the wilderness of silence and missed markings

should you encounter me
as I work in my room like a rabbit in a warren
let me learn from you about these structures of song  
how to do the work all wrong      and yet keep going
I don't wish for perfection   simply a way to the end of making 

should you stay a while
watch the sun deliver the stars
on the plate of the night   these tiny beings 
and see how the horrid wind shakes the leaves
of rain from the cloud trees that blow down in a great groaning logging

should you walk beside me
tell me about what lives in the darkness
that breathes to me
and what climbs the carpet of moss and lichen      that ladder
these microscopic hidden things   that tell me their private histories 

should you tell me the secrets of the hidden mystery
that you alone see    of how the corpuscles of the insects
are flowing in the veins and arteries of the cities
of these hidden bodies     of how the mystery is all about
endurance and learning courage in small acts of resistance to complacency

should you have only silence
as your gift      then I will have to learn knowing 
in my solitary way    the third eye that I create magically
out of effort and failure         under the skin of everything
there is a fertile renaissance    that is poetry    that science I love best 

should you then depart
for the journey that is yours alone
I will sit in my room like a statue eroding slowly
wishing for diamonds of singing
to shatter inside my head     for this is my form of ecstasy

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