Saturday, December 10, 2016

This and That-- Saturday December 10, 2016

Julie Ali feeling silly.
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Supper was not a success. I used lean beef instead of the usual extra lean beef and we were swimming in grease. Younger boy manfully ploughed through a portion of the horrendous pasta sauce but gave up eventually. He is eating pineapple chunks.
I did not get to Rebecca. Was flat out tired and lay like a limp piece of jerky on the bed. Since Sunday is booked for Ruth's event, will do the taking out trip on Monday when I take the Methotrexate prescription to the pharmacy.
Now I have to colour my hair. Usually I only do this when I want to look like a non-stay at home mum type. This isn't often.
But since I want to be with Ruth at the Awards ceremony tomorrow and not look like a refugee just off a boat, I will try to do the hair colour business.
I find it very confusing. I also am using a new cheap brand. I feel a bit intimidated by this as I have stuck to one brand for years but it is too expensive now. Hubby says to just not do it because he has just eaten the disaster of my pasta meal but I feel I am obliged to not look like a rat dragged out of a trap.
So here goes.
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Julie Ali

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