Monday, December 19, 2016

This and That ---Part 2 --Monday December 19, 2016

Julie Ali feeling sleepy.
Just now
Older boy has gone to another party. This morning he went with his friends to meet with the teachers who taught him at Grandview Heights School. He had a blast and came back with treats. He refused to share the treats with us.
Then he napped. I guess the social whirl is taking a toll on him.
In the middle of his beauty sleep he got a call and was immediately revived and rushed about to get dressed.
He told me not to wait up. This means only one thing. He is drinking at a bar and trying to look appealing to stray drunk females.
I don't know how he learned to drink. I can't manage to down anything alcoholic other than a cooler once in a while. Meanwhile he goes to bars with his gang of friends that he has known from grade 1 at school. It's like he has skipped several Calvinist generations of folks who are frugal, don't drink and simply marinate in family to live the live of a social butterfly. Maybe he is a mutated form of my lineage.
In any case, I don't expect to see him until early in the morning. I am listening to maudlin songs right now as I feel very low in energy. I haven't bought a single Xmas present. I don't think my mother in law would like a box of chocolates. I only got Jessica Ernst's two Xmas parcels to her and this only because Sue bought everything and packed the boxes for me. I only got Jessica fruit cake and then posted the boxes. Even Gem's gifts (Jessica's dog) were purchased by Sue.
I will sit here and marinate in sadness about not having done the Xmas shopping. I am listening to this song.
A simple video, with an extraordinary song.
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